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Weight Loss

Patients at A New Leaf Naturopathic Medicine are assisted in the fat-loss process with help from dietary guidance, supplementation protocols and weight loss acupuncture. Body composition analyses are done at each appointment to ensure the results are consistent and meaningful. Whether patients want to lose a couple of pounds or a couple of hundred pounds, an individually tailored program will result in the most effective weight loss results. 

Stress/Adrenal Fatigue Management

Stress has become a part of Torontonians’ daily lives. We often thrive on it in order to create energy/adrenaline for short periods of time. When this becomes chronic, it becomes a health risk and actually depletes our energy. Our bodies begin to create physical symptoms such as insomnia, exhaustion, depression, hormonal/emotional fluctuations and blood pressure changes in response to it. Dr. Piercell will assess your stress using questionnaires, physical exam techniques, and even salivary cortisol testing through Rocky Mountain Analytical Laboratory. A comprehensive cortisol-balancing protocol will be put into effect based on the objective results found.


Working or living in downtown Toronto can certainly take it’s toll on our bodies. Cleansing is the process of getting rid of harmful toxins (heavy metals, yeast, excess hormones, chemicals…) that overload the body’s regular daily functions. Detox programs need to be tailored to the individual through the use of a detailed questionnaire and consultation. It is important to be monitored throughout the cleansing process to ensure effective, yet gentle results. When administered by a health care professional the result is an increased sense of vitality, energy, and well-being. Find out what a healthy detoxification program consists of and what it can do for you.