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Nutritional Medicine:

Dietary improvements and individualized supplementation protocols improve the health and well-being of most people. Blood work analysis and diet diary reviews are often necessary for specific client-centred nutrition. Deficiencies will be addressed and symptoms can be managed through even small changes in nutrient status.

Herbal Medicine:

Plants (teas, tinctures and solid extracts in capsule forms) are prescribed for an effective and safe approach to healing. It is useful in treating many conditions such as menopause, diabetes, migraines, colds and flus, arthritis, and prostate hypertrophy.


Using infinitely small amounts of therapeutic materials to generate a healing response, homeopathy is one of the oldest and gentlest therapies used in healthcare today. This makes it an ideal modality for children and sensitive adults.

Lifestyle Counselling:

The mental and emotional factors affecting the health of patients are assessed. Nearly every possible health concern has an emotional cause or effect. Stress is the leading reason for visits to the Doctor in North America. Learn ways to effectively manage emotional trouble with Naturopathic Medicine.


Both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture techniques are utilized at a New Leaf Naturopathic Care. Improvements in circulation, relaxation and collagen formation make this the therapy of choice for those looking to treat infertility, pain, anxiety or even wrinkles!

Physical Therapies:

Hands-on techniques such as massage, Reiki and Bowen Therapy (Neurostructural Integration Technique) are often used concurrently with other therapies to help with pain management and stress.